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Member Benefits

Membership Benefits:
The International Wootz Society is a new society and while many benefits will be available from day one, as is to be expected some of the services and benefits will take time to develop, but new members will get to share in each resource as it is added and shared with the community.  Membership also gives you the opportunity to contribute to the community and make more benefits and services available to the other members.  We encourage members to be active in either learning, mentoring or teaching and otherwise sharing aspects of their unique knowledge in the community as the member feels comfortable to do so. 

For the general public, that is non-members, the Society offers a source of accurate information and education about wootz steel, it’s history and the state of research, collecting and smithing of wootz.  There is so much misinformation and confusion surrounding the topic of wootz steel which has been passed around over the years and this is something that the society can and will help with correcting.

Benefits for Smiths
The society is a place where smiths of all levels of expertise and knowledge can work on their craft and be mentored along their wootz making journey, from Apprentice to Journeyman or even Master Wootz Smith level.  The society also provides testing and official recognition of the level of skill which our smiths have achieved.  Members will have access to level specific information, master classes, technical articles and tips which will help them to increase their knowledge and skill in wootz making, forging, history, and culture.  They will have the ability to connect with experts in the field, access to wootz research as it happens and a private members only forum. Members also have access to the online ingot calculator for working out recipes and ingredients weights and expected analysis.

Members will also have access to testing of ingots or blades for research and control of their process and there will be opportunities to take part in research from time to time. Please note the ingots or samples will need to be shipped to us for testing!

Benefits for Collectors & Historians
Collectors and dealers will have access to evaluation of blades by experts in the field as well as training videos about different aspects of restoration, finishing, history and maker specific information as it is made available. They also will have access to the society newsletter which will be informative for all types of members whatever their specific interest. We have an exclusive Buy & Sell section in our forum where you will have the opportunity to buy or sell fantastic newly made wootz blades or even historical antique wootz swords!

Benefits for Academics
Academics will have access to the sort of knowledge which only researcher smiths can provide, opening up possible opportunities to take part in research, as well as being connected with the pulse of the wootz community.  The newsletter will also give them access to information found nowhere else.

Whatever your interest or level of skill, the International Wootz Society has something for you and would love to welcome you to the world of wootz.